The Journal was registered by Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine as a core publication on biological sciences. “Ecology and Noospherology” is a first ecological journal in Ukraine.

The purpose of the publication is coverage of Ecology and Noospherology actual problems and tracks of their solution by means of fundamental and applied researches, consolidation of intellectual and scientific potential to the interest of ecology, environmental protection, human health and life.   

1. Publishing of scientific research data on fundamental science perspective areas and actual applied developments, introduction of innovative projects in the field of ecology, botany, zoology, soil science, microbiology, chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics and other areas of natural history and social science.
2. Scientific ideas, research methodology and state-of-the-practice exchange. Provision of information field for debatable discussions of new theories, cross-disciplinary researches. 
3. Researchers’ scientific view widening on profile and cross-disciplinary fields of knowledge. Informing of wide circle of scientific community about the best practice of scientists and specialists of higher educational establishments, academic and research institutes.   
4. Placing the information to the Journal about specialized scientific and technical conferences, new training manuals and monographs of scientists of Ukraine and other countries, conditions of training of certified personnel.   
5. Informational supporting of innovation activity subjects. 
6. Contribution to creative relationship between research teams, attraction of scientists to collaboration and cooperation for solving the actual problems of ecological science and noospherology.