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Author Guidelines

Requirements for the content and design of articles for the scientific journal "Ecology and Noospherology"

For publication in the professional scientific journal "Ecology and Noospherology" scientific articles that have not been published are accepted. The article should be written on a topical topic, contain elements of novelty and sound scientific conclusions in accordance with the purpose of the article (task).

The article is submitted in the original language (Ukrainian, English, Russian) in electronic version (e-mail) at vad01@ua.fm.

Manuscripts of 10-15 pages in size, A-4 format, line spacing - 1.2, all margins - 2 cm, paragraph indent - 1.25 cm, font Times New Roman, size 12 pt are accepted. Type text on a computer in Microsoft Word Editor (* .doc, * .docx) across the entire width of the page. A hyphen (-) and a hyphen (-) should be distinguished. They use special programs built into Microsoft Word for a set of formulas, graphs and tables. Illustrations should provide for board. Scanned drawings and graphics are forbidden to insert.

The beginning of the article provides information about working in English. First, the title of the article is given (in small letters, bold, 14 pt). The initials and surnames of the author (in small letters, 11 pt) are placed under it. Below is the name of the organization to which the author belongs, indicating the city and country (in lowercase letters, italics, 10 pt). The street address, city, postcode, country is then provided. The phone number and email address of the author are then given. Below are the author's first name, followed by his initials, followed by the name of the work. This is followed by an abstract of the article (over 2000 characters), keywords (4-8 words), separated by semicolons. The abstract should be compact and informative, without the use of general words, meaningful and specific. The components of the abstract structure are the relevance, the outline of the problem, the method and results of its resolution, conclusions. Links and abbreviations are not allowed in the annotation.

After that, information about working in Ukrainian is provided. First, the name of the article is given, below the initials and surnames of the author, then the name of the organization to which the author belongs, city and country. This is followed by an abstract and keywords.

The content of this article should be consistent with the profile and focus of the journal "Ecology and Noosphere".

It is desirable that the article should have the following components: Introduction. Materials (objects) and methods. Results and Discussion. Conclusions. References.

The graphic materials contained in the article (drawings, illustrations, diagrams, diagrams, all conventions on them) should be clear and expressive. Tables should be compact, their cap exactly matches the contents of the graph. All cap and table elements must be filled. Simultaneous use of tables and graphs to explain the same provisions. Tables and figures are drawn up in accordance with State Standard of Ukraine DSTU 3008-2015 “Documentation. Reports in the field of science and technology. Structure and design rules ”.

Formulas number (on the right hand side, in parentheses) only those referenced in the text of the article.

References to literary sources should be given in semicircular brackets, indicating the name of the cited author (or the name of the source if the authors are more than three) and the year of publication. In the list of sources used, each Ukrainian or Russian source should be translated in English with square brackets and the original source language in semicircular brackets. To draw up a list of links to the article, the author should use the international style of scientific publications - APA style.

References in the text of the article to the sources used are obligatory.

The article is accompanied by a review signed by the doctor of science in the relevant specialty.

The author is responsible for the information provided in the article.

If a borrowed text is identified in the article without citation and relevant references, the article qualifies as plagiarized and is not considered.

Articles submitted without the above requirements will be rejected and will not be published without further elaboration.


The cost of publishing an article in the scientific journal "Ecology and Noospherology".

Dear authors! Payment for the submitted material is made after review and approval for printing.

The cost of one page of printed text is 75 UAH.

The journal is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.